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Where the family holiday fun begins

Holdsworths Funland Amusements

  Holdsworth amusements were formed in 1955, by the Holdsworth family to provide amusement

  fun and entertainment to the holiday makers at Reighton Sands holiday village on the east

  coast. Being from the traditional travelling showman industry, this was a new venture for the

  family, and at this particular time of the century the holiday season was extremely short, may to

  late august, so to supplement income the family returned to there roots and attended funfairs in

  the Yorkshire, Nottingham and Derbyshire areas in the off season.

  As the new business became more successful and the holiday season lengthened we had to stop

  attending the fairs to concentrate on the coastal business , and in 1972 Billy Holdsworth bought

  out his parents and with the help of his wife Christine started to expand there business opening

  an arcade at Skirlington caravan park to be followed later with another site in Withernsea, and a

  retail shop in Filey. We decided to concentrate on Filey and opened a town centre amusements on

  Belle Vue Street in 1982.

  Billy was joined in 1984 by his eldest son Carl , followed in 1986 by his youngest son Lee, and in

  1988 we sold of one of our town properties to help fund the purchase of the long established seaside   

amusement complex on the Coble Landing at Filey from the Corrigan family.

  Our trading policy has always been fairplay, and value for money in a clean and safe family

  environment, all of our businesses are now run with that same attention to detail and you will

  always find a family member personally supervising those businesses in fact our fourth generation

  are now helping during there breaks from college and university and in 2015 we will celebrate 60

  years in business.

  As a family we would like to take this opportunity to thank the many thousands of families and

  friends who have supported us from those days of roundabouts and bingo in a small tent in a

  muddy field to the high tech, interactive gaming world we now operate in, we hope you have had

  some fun along the way and look forward to your continued support.

  Billy Holdsworth.